Penetration Testing

Get essential visibility and insight from an attacker's perspective.

40% of organisations don't have adequate cybersecurity

Don't be another statistic. Having comprehensive penetration testing can mitigate cyberattacks.

Prevent Data Breaches

With pen testing, you can understand where you are most likely to be attacked by cyber criminals.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet industry best practices and security standards by using pen testing.

Check Security Controls

Know the gaps in your infrastructure and prepare for compliance with regulatory authorities.

Knowledge is power. Knowing your security baseline is the key to success.

Don't take a reactive stance on cyber security. Our experts are here to proactively help you block hackers by identifying the gaps in your systems.

Relevant Findings

On the completion of testing, a detailed report will be provided.

Prioritised Severity

Issues found are prioritised from high-to-low risk.

Action Mitigation

Receive recommended remedial action and how this can be achieved.

Three steps to becoming more secure

Improve your security by following these simple steps.


Contact Us

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Security Assessment

We will undertake a vulnerability assessment across your technology infrastructure. This will identify your risks in order of priority.


Pen Testing Report

With our pen testing report, you can resolve the issues identified in order to strengthen your defences.

Why Pen Testing

At Radiata, we know that you want to prevent the chances of a cyber attack happening. In order to do that, penetration testing can highlight areas of vulnerability across your IT estate. With the high risk of a cyber attack, complacency is a liability, and we believe you should have peace of mind knowing your business is secure.

Get in touch with us now to receive your report to identify your risk posture so you can take steps to prevent a cyber attack from harming your business.

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