We Provide Cyber Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

Keeping your business safe from Cyber Criminals is one of your top priorities.

Why Do You Need Experts To Protect Your Business?

Cyber attacks and data loss can compromise 93% of organisations. Radiata, together with our partners in Osmia provide cybersecurity solutions to improve your company’s privacy and security. Services include penetration testing and sophisticated Open-Source Intelligence Services.


Freedom exists when what you value is protected.


Focus on your business growth with assurance you are secure.


Make sure security is embedded during digital transformation projects.

Protect Your Company From Hackers

No more worrying about if, when or the cost of a cyber attack. Take proactive action now to ensure your business is protected.

Open Source Intelligence

With our Open-Source Intelligence Services, we review your online profile which highlights the risks you and your company are vulnerable to. We can help you take action to remediate those risks.

Pen Testing

We have a team of experienced, pen testing consultants available to uncover vulnerabilities. A report is provided detailing your vulnerabilities and remediation steps, beginning with the most critical.

Three steps to becoming more secure

Our engagement with our customers is simple.


Contact Us

We’ll seek to understand your business and what is critical to you and ascertain the scope.


Contact Us

We’ll seek to understand your business and what is critical to you and ascertain the scope.


Report & Guidance

We provide you with an actionable report with clear guidance on where to focus, taking into account your business and priorities.

We’re listening

You should not fear that your business will be targeted by cybercriminals who aim to cause financial and reputational damage to all that you hold dear. We understand the importance of improving your security by keeping confidential, classified, and proprietary business materials out of the hands of competitors and hackers.

In order to do that, you'll need to know where you and your business are vulnerable, whether that be offline or online. Technology is not enough to keep you safe from cybercriminals. Having the right cyber security policies and team to identify vulnerabilities which will minimise attacks while optimising your defences.

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