Enabling digital business without constraints

We deliver bespoke cloud compute, storage and data management services for some of the world’s fastest-growing businesses.

Who are we?

We are Radiata, and we are a distributor of cloud compute, storage and data management services for customers who value security, privacy and data sovereignty above all else. We’ve partnered with an eco-friendly data centre in Europe, which has been providing discreet, completely private cloud-hosted IT services for many years.

Our services



Cloud Infrastructure Services we currently offer include Compute (Virtual Server) Workloads, Data Storage & Network.

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Our Data Center Hosting Services include Co-located or Dedicated Rack Space for your servers, Storage, Security and Networking Equipment. We provide a customised managed service around your technology to help remove the hassle of managing your IT Infrastructure.

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Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security services include Pen Testing and Open Source Intelligence services for both enterprise and personal reconnaissance.

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Some of our benefits

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Radiata provides low cost, simple to manage server and data storage hosted in our highly secure, private cloud platform for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

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We’re not one size fits all, we’ll work with our technical services team and you to create a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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We have our own data centres in Europe, so you know who’s taking responsibility for your data.

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We understand the importance of data sovereignty and what that means for your business. Our offerings include a hosting facility that is in a jurisdiction that guarantees you remain 100% in control of your data.

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Our team has been involved in secure IT infrastructure services for many years, so we know the value we can bring with our high-performance, scalable IT service offerings.

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Environmentally Aware

Running on geothermal energy, our data Centres have strong green credentials, and we’re always looking for other ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re listening

Our own experience helps us understand the needs of our customers, but listening to what you tell us is far more important.

Radiata understands our needs, and they quickly responded to our requests. The infrastructure we now have met the highest international standards.

The speed, convenience and quality provided are the reasons we chose to partner with Radiata.

By switching, the Radiata team helped us get the right solution that was customised to our needs. We really appreciate the efforts made and the attentive support provided.

Simple solution for a reasonable price is why we chose Radiata. They helped us move to the cloud without interruption to our day to day operations.